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Child & Family Services

Child and family counseling is a specialized form of therapy that focuses on addressing the behavioral and relational needs of children and their families. It involves a behavioral health clinician working with both the child and their family members to promote understanding and positive change.


What is individual child counseling?

  • When working with children, our TFCC behavioral health clinicians create a safe and nurturing environment where the child can express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. They use age-appropriate therapeutic techniques to help the child develop coping skills, build self-esteem, improve communication, manage emotions, and resolve conflicts. There is collaboration with parents or caregivers to support the child’s progress and implement strategies within the family context.


What is family counseling?

  • Family counseling involves a behavioral health clinician working with multiple members of a family system simultaneously. The focus of family counseling is to improve communication, resolve conflicts, enhance understanding, and strengthen relationships within the family unit.

Wrap-around services refers to a comprehensive and coordinated approach to providing support and assistance to children and their families. These services aim to address the child’s mental health and well-being by considering their individual needs within the context of their family and community. Wrap-around services aim to go beyond traditional counseling approaches by offering a comprehensive and coordinated support system for children.

Intensive In-Home Behavioral Health Treatment (IIBHT) is an episodic, community-based treatment intervention for youth, twenty (20) years and younger, and their families or caregivers in accordance with OARs 309-019-0167, 410-172-0650, and 410-172-0695. IIBHT is designed for youth with complex and intensive behavioral health symptoms who are at risk of out-of-home placement or a higher level of care. IIBHT is also designed to support youth returning or stepping down to more natural settings following higher levels of care, such as acute psychiatric hospitalization, psychiatric residential treatment, or other out-of-home placements.