Behavioral Health Housing in Tillamook County: Repurposing Kilchis House

Behavioral Health Housing in Tillamook County: Repurposing Kilchis House

Earlier this year, the Oregon State Legislature (House Bill 5202), allocated $100 million dollars to county behavioral health agencies (through the Oregon Health Authority) to support emerging initiatives to expand/build behavioral health housing. An allocation formula was developed by the Association of Community Mental Health Programs to even out the awards gaps between large/small/rural and frontier counties in Oregon. The formula considered population, but also county economics, poverty level, and other criteria. For Tillamook County, House Bill 5202 funds came to $1.75 million for TFCC to invest in the community.

With the help of a planning process that included community and agency client input, and with the support of the Board of Directors of TFCC, the agency has positioned itself to expand the availability of supportive housing in Tillamook County. On August 26, 2022, TFCC’s offer to the Board of Directors of CARE to purchase the Kilchis House location in Tillamook was accepted. A significant amount of the $1.75 million allocation will be used for this purchase.

As this sale and plan moves forward, a tremendous opportunity to expand supportive housing for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness in Tillamook County will begin to surface. This process repurposes what was originally an assisted living facility, into up to 30 supportive housing units. The planning process and collaborations within the agency and with community partners will be significant. We are thrilled about this opportunity for many of our clients to have homes, and a community in Tillamook County.

-Published September 8, 2022