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Adult Services

Counseling is an opportunity to discuss with a trained professional, challenges related to feelings, behavior and relationships. Using a variety of skills, counselors assist individuals, couples and families in learning new strategies for positive outcomes.


What is individual counseling?

  • Individual counseling involves a therapeutic relationship between an individual and a behavioral health clinician.


What is family counseling?

  • Family counseling involves a behavioral health clinician working with multiple members of a family system simultaneously. The focus of family counseling is to improve communication, resolve conflicts, enhance understanding, and strengthen relationships within the family unit.


What is group counseling?

  • Group counseling involves a behavioral health clinician leading a therapeutic session with a small group of individuals who share similar concerns or experiences. Group members come together to discuss their challenges, provide support, and learn from one another. Group counseling can be beneficial for a range of issues such as addiction recovery, grief and loss, anger management, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, and stress management.


Peer support is a process of recovery for those with a psychiatric disorder and/or addiction. In behavioral health, peer supporters have a shared lived experience with the people they are coming alongside. They offer a deep understanding, and opportunity to build trust, and provide companionship that assists those seeking long-term recovery. Peer supporters can help set goals, share knowledge, offer emotional support, and help people get connected to resources. Their purpose is to advocate, educate, motivate, and mentor.

Who are TFCC Peer Supporters?

  • Tillamook Family Counseling Center provides peer support for those experiencing mental health issues and/or substance use. Peer Support Specialists work alongside those experiencing mental health issues. Peer Recovery Mentors, also known as Prime+ Peers, work alongside those experiencing addiction.

What is case management?

  • Case management is a systematic approach to coordinating and managing the various aspects of a client’s care. At TFCC, a case manager acts as a central point of contact and helps our clients navigate the complex systems and resources available to them. They assesses the client’s needs, develop a comprehensive care plan, connect them to appropriate services and resources, and monitor their progress. They may collaborate with other professionals to ensure a holistic approach to the client’s well-being. Case management helps individuals access necessary support, services, and resources to enhance their overall functioning and quality of life.


What is skills training?

  • Skills training focuses on teaching individuals practical and effective strategies to cope with specific challenges or improve their functioning in various areas of life. These skills can include coping skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, stress management techniques, assertiveness training, anger management, decision-making skills, and more. The goal of skills training is to empower individuals with the tools and abilities to overcome obstacles, manage emotions, and improve their overall well-being.

How do I make a report about abuse or neglect?

If you suspect abuse or neglect of an adult with developmental disabilities or an adult with mental illness in Tillamook County, report suspected abuse or neglect to Kieley Petrey, TFCC’s Adult Abuse Investigator. Your report is confidential. To learn more about how to report abuse and neglect, visit the Oregon Department of Human Services.

Kieley Petrey, BS
503-815-5459-Office Phone
971-341-1741- Cell Phone

To make a report about abuse or neglect of a vulnerable person after hours, please call Oregon’s 24-hour abuse reporting hotline at 855-503-7233 (SAFE). I​f you think​ someone is in danger or being hurt, call ​911 immediately.